Youth Career Cafe - Inspiring Teens to Graduate

Are you about to graduate?

Do you have no idea what you are going to do? The Youth Career Café can help you decide! Start with a short interest assessment that will show how your PASSION can become your career!

Do you want a part time job?

Well you need a WINNING resume that will get you an interview! The Youth Career Café can help you write that WINNING resume!

Stop by today!

Need to volunteer before June?

Stop by the Youth Career Café and get it done!

About Youth Career Cafe

Located throughout the Greater Peninsula, the Youth Career Cafes provide career guidance and workplace readiness skills training to all youth aged 14-21. Participate in interactive career development workshops, employer networking opportunities, experience fairs, and much more! Contact us for more information and come by our convenient locations!

Building a pipeline of workforce talent

From Health Care to Government Service, business and industry need people with a wide variety of skills to provide exceptional service to their customers or constituents. Career exploration is an essential part of preparing for adulthood, yet many teenagers and young adults have little, if any, exposure to the endless combinations of industries and occupations from which they can choose.

The Youth Career Café is an innovative approach to getting Peninsula youth who are currently enrolled in Secondary and Post Secondary education curricula to seek career opportunities that will both satisfy and challenge. The Café provides a number of assessments and skills development tools so that area youth can evaluate and enhance their competitiveness before they take their initial steps into the working world.

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